IntellByte INFO d.o.o. is proud of the given contribution to the Croatian defence industry at the ASDA 2021 fair in Split from 29 September to 01 October, which shows how Croatia has grown into a respectable player in demanding world defence markets.

During the visit to IntellByte INFO stand of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Croatia, Dr. Sc. Mario Banožić accompanied by the Chief of the General Staff Admiral Robert Hranj and other senior representatives of the Croatian Armed Forces and the Croatian Navy, the main accent in the presentation of the IntellByte’s stand was placed at BITTIUM tactical communication systems that were tested and evaluated by the Croatian Army and consequently pointed out as the most serious candidate for the implementation of the data radio in the Croatian Navy, and beyond.

As a major step forward in the improvement of the radio communication systems for the Croatian Army, especially the Croatian Navy, the products of the partner company BITTIUM from Finland were presented at the IntellByte’s stand. These products have proven their effectiveness in the Proof of Concept implementation of the Bittium data radio on the Croatian Navy ships. This feasibility studies (POC) has shown the higher level of the IP communication capabilities of the BITTIUM data radio.

IntellByte INFO d.o.o. has contributed with its own line of products IntellQ VIS Visual Intelligence Solution for Facial Recognition and IntellQ OSINT Open source Intelligence.


In addition to BITTIUM radio communication systems and fully compliant within this infrastructure CUBIC GATR tactical Satellite Antenna was exhibited at IntellByte’s stand.

TASSTA Push-to-Talk has shown at ASDA 2021 a full package of Individual, Group and Priority Calls, Messages including Data Transfer, Voice Recording, GPS and In-House Tracking, Alarm, Emergency Solutions, Push to Video, Video teleconferencing and task management and many other features. TASSTA services run on IP networks (2G/3G/4G/5G/wi-fi) and tactical data networks as BITTIUM radio communication systems. TASSTA is powered by the most popular operating systems Android, iOS and Windows.

EXFO Homeland Security has exhibit highly configurable and scalable mobile network surveillance solution ideally suitable for tactical, vehicle, fixed site and airborne applications.

HP Marketing & Consulting exhibited HP 47 anti drone commercial gun which is in usage by many Military and Police forces world-wide and also is in use by Croatian police forces. HP Marketing & Consulting is the world leading developer and producer of custom made jammers with more than 35 years of experience in this business niche.

Griffity defense is the German System Integrator which helps German defence forces in searching of suitable partners for the realization of innovative defence solutions, detection of new technologies in order to create future products from them. Consultation at the interface between customer requirements and technical implementation. Formulation of scenario-based requirements with inclusion of new technologies. Closing the gap between available technologies and optimized applications.