Mesh Networks
The accelerated development of wireless mesh networks has just been fueled by growing needs and demands by state security institutions such as the police, security intelligence community, civil protection, firefighters, the military and other mission critical institutions. The first implementations of wireless mesh networks were launched in the U.S. by military forces that use wireless mesh networks to connect computers and cross-connect other communications resources that the military normally uses in its military field operations. Soon after the army, recognizing all the advantages of this technology, wireless mesh networks for field work but also for wider needs are introduced by the police, firefighters, crisis centers, etc. The accelerated need for the introduction of wireless mesh networks ensures their accelerated development. Mesh networks are beginning to be used systematically for commercial purposes as well, especially with the growth of the implementation of IOT (Internet of Things) technologies.

However, what can certainly be considered as a turning point and a mesh network revolution are implementations in the domains of HOMELAND SECURITY, and this is our expertise.

HOMELAND SECURITY with its purpose:
ensuring the rational and efficient and coordinated use of existing resources to reduce or eliminate security risks relevant to national security,
strengthening the management function in emergencies and crises that are a risk to national security, including crises managed at the level of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and / or the European Union
enabling the systematic, harmonized development of the capabilities of bodies from the homeland security system
ensuring a unified methodology for monitoring risks and threats to national security and setting priorities in their treatment
ensuring the harmonized implementation of security protection measures and procedures in accordance with the applicable regulations of importance for national security, and in particular the protection of critical infrastructures,
inevitably requires the implementation of modern and recognized and already tested and implemented communication systems and solutions that can justify the required purpose and significantly help achieve all goals set by the implementation of homeland security of the country and the EU as a whole, and wireless mesh networks are an inevitable communication resource for achieving the set goals of homeland security.

Our goal is to implement mesh tactical and strategic networking systems for the needs of Law Enforcement Agencies.

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